Missions - Local and Global

Epworth offers many ways for us to be in mission, locally and globally, and great things get done when we all work together.

We have the opportunity to support wonderful missions with our prayers and money, and we can also become involved with our hands and hearts, doing mission work directly within our community, region, and the whole world.

There is no shortage of human needs. As Jesus noted, "Look around you, and see how the fields are ripe for harvesting" (John 4:35).

The Gospel calls disciples of Christ to respond to the needs of people, and the Church has always, from the beginning, understood that to mean both local and global missions.

Through our connections with fellow United Methodists around the world, we are able to make a much larger missional impact, alleviating human suffering resulting from human disasters such as war, and from natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, earthquakes, famines and floods.

We also support numerous missionaries who are meeting medical, educational and agricultural needs, and planting churches where the needs are greatest, sending forth God's love both tangibly and spiritually to every corner of the globe.

Epworth also provides for numerous missions locally. Here are a few examples:

  • James Island Outreach - Our community-based effort to help neighbors in crisis, donating food, labor, and emergency funds.
  • Charleston Wesley Foundation - United Methodist Campus Ministry for the College of Charleston, MUSC, the Citadel, Trident Tech, and Charleston Southern.
  • HALOS of Charleston - Provides support and advocacy to abused and neglected children and kinship caregivers.
  • Salkahatchie - Summer Work camps for United Methodist youth and adults in South Carolina, upgradings homes, motivating cooperative community efforts, and friendship outreach.
  • Habitat for Humanity - Provides safe, decent and affordable shelter, helping families to create new possibilities and progress for themselves and their communities.
  • Angel Tree - Provides personalized gifts and necessities for children and seniors who would otherwise receive very little or nothing during the holiday season.
  • Florence Crittenton Homes - Helping pregnant and parenting young women, ages 10-21, with medical care, education, housing, parenting skills and counseling.

Epworth embraces a large variety of missions locally and globally, with many opportunities for donating and praying, and for becoming directly involved with hands and heart. Our motivation is God's own generous love and provision, and so our discipleship response is to love God, love others, and serve all the world.