A Community Garden to

Support James Island Outreach


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Epworth Grows - Community Garden

Growing Faith Where Life Happens

Epworth Grows is a community garden at Epworth. We're excited to provide fresh produce for the James Island Outreach.

We believe everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food. While canned vegetables are better than none, fresh is healthier and better tasting.

We believe that by sharing God's abundance, everyone grows in faith where life happens.

Faith grows as we witness firsthand the mystery of how God provides for creation, and experience the joy of growing savory, healthy food.

Our own fath grows as we join hands and work together, and the faith of others grows as human needs are met in love.

Epworth Grows needs volunteers! If you enjoy gardening, making things grow, the Epworth Grows community garden is always seeking volunteers to help with a variety of things. Here, you can make a real difference. To find out how, just ask an Epworth Grows gardener.

And, as an added benefit, even if you have no gardening experience, when you lend your hands and heart to the community garden, you will learn all you need to know about growing your own fresh produce at home year round.

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